Israeli Military Warns Iran-Backed Unit Is On Its Way

As the conflict in the Gaza Strip continues to grow on several fronts, an Israeli military officer has claimed that an elite force supported by Iran has landed in Lebanon to assist in assaults against Israel.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesperson said that the “Imam Hossein Division,” has come to the aid of Hezbollah and has arrived in southern Lebanon.

The spokesperson added that in their point of view, Hezbollah and the Imam Hossein militia are dragging Lebanon into paying the price for Hamas-ISIS. The IDF is ready to strike back hard against anybody who threatens northern Israel’s peace and stability.

According to reports, Imam Hossein Division is the IRGC Quds division’s most elite combat division in Syria. It reportedly was founded in 2016 to defend Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime against rebels and jihadis, particularly ISIS, during the civil conflict.

According to intelligence, ISIS launched multiple missile assaults on Israel from Syria and rocket attacks on U.S. soldiers in Syria after its defeat. The organization reportedly has precision-guided missiles and surveillance and armed drones. It had combat, special forces, and logistical sections with hundreds of combatants, predominantly Syrians but also from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon, Sudan, and Yemen, among others. It was “the Hezbollah 2.0.”

Iranian authorities have denied leading the October 7 assault, but they have admitted supporting Palestinian forces beyond rhetoric. Senior Hamas and Islamic Jihad members have publicly boasted of their assistance from Iran and urged Muslims and Arabs worldwide to fight Israel.

In this context, the IDF reported that Hamas political commander Ismail Haniyeh will visit Iran on Thursday, although neither party has confirmed it. Haniyeh visited Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian in Doha in October.

According to a report, a top Hamas official has scoffed at American and Israeli efforts to sideline or eradicate the terrorist group from any political agreements in Gaza, vowing that Hamas would continue to play a central role.

He also cautioned the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank against cutting a deal with the United States and Israel that would weaken Hamas.