Israeli Expert Shatters Calls For Temporary Ceasefire

Naftali Bennett, a former prime minister of Israel, has spoken out against calls for a three-day ceasefire between Israel and Hamas to allow humanitarian assistance into Gaza for hostage negotiations.

Bennett, who formerly worked as Chief of Staff of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, called the notion a bad idea during an interview on MSNBC with Andrea Mitchell.

He stressed that this would just provide Hamas more time to recover from Israel’s military attacks in response to the terror group’s slaughter on Israeli soil on October 7.

The Biden administration has recently encouraged Netanyahu to consider a three-day halt as a bargaining technique to secure the release of hostages held by Hamas, and Mitchell brought up this idea.

Netanyahu has repeatedly dismissed the proposal, maintaining that there would be no ceasefire and no gasoline to Gaza until the captives are freed.

Mitchell asked Bennett about his thoughts on the three-day pause.

Bennett disagreed, saying that the focus should be on pressuring Hamas to disarm Gaza and release captives rather than on pressuring Israel to end the fighting. Hamas will maneuver the exchange of hostages for political gain, but in the end, it will just extend the pain for everyone.

Israeli forces are close to seizing control of Shifa Hospital and numerous Gaza City medical facilities. Hamas has exploited these structures as safe havens, command centers, ammo depots for its militants, and tunnel systems, all in flagrant violation of the rules of war.

According to a report, when Israel regains control, it must promptly request an inspection by UN Secretary-General António Guterres.

After blaming Israel for the deaths and devastation in Gaza, the secretary-general reiterated the longstanding UN position that Israeli forces should never attack UN structures, clinics, hospitals, and schools.

The demand is illegal under international law. When civilian hospitals and other public buildings are utilized for purposes other than their humanitarian ones, it violates Article 19 of the Fourth Geneva Convention and puts civilians at risk. That’s what Hamas has been doing for a long time.