Iran Officials Storm Off From Negotiations With Biden, Play Power Game

BREAKING NEWS! Iran Offers $80 MILLION for Trump’s Head! (VIDEO)
BREAKING NEWS! Iran Offers $80 MILLION for Trump’s Head! (VIDEO)

( Twenty years ago this week, the National Council for Resistance for Iran (NCRI-US) made a groundbreaking discovery: Iran was pursuing a secret nuclear program.

NCRI had warned the world of Iran’s nuclear ambitions since 1991 based on ground intelligence operations.

In 2002, the NCRI could generate strong evidence of the Natanz uranium enrichment complex. NCRI’s revelation spurred the IAEA to demand access and launch an investigation.

Twenty years later, NCRI organized a panel debate from the Willard Hotel Wednesday, when the Biden Administration lost its negotiation edge in the Iran nuclear talks from Vienna.

Former Ambassador and Trump NSA John Bolton was a panelist and answered OAN’s concerns regarding the state of our present discussions and Russia’s backdoor participation.

Bolton said the Biden Administration and its present negotiating team were at a disadvantage from the start. Iran has refused to sit with US officials to reestablish Obama’s 2015 pact (JCPOA) and insists on using European middlemen to discuss the next Iran nuclear deal. Bolton pointed out that Biden’s team agreeing to Iran’s aggressive negotiation terms sends a deadly message: that America is not willing or able to keep its ground.

“Time,” Bolton said, “is always on the side of the proliferators.”

Former Democratic and Independent Senator from Connecticut Joseph Lieberman told OAN that the US should walk away from the table. The senator was also emphatic that the threat of war must be explicitly presented to deter Iran’s nuclear proliferation.

The latest reports from the Iran Talks in Vienna indicate the Iranians continue to make broad demands of the US. Including easing sanctions on terrorist groups and stipulations ensuring that if a deal were done with the Biden Government, penalties would be applied if a future administration walked away – as President Trump did previously.

Bolton tells OAN that such an arrangement by the Biden administration would be close to treason.

Retired General Chuck Wald, former Deputy Commander of US European Command, was also on the NCRI panel. Wald tells OAN Biden’s negotiating team is agreeing to one poor deal after another, and the Iranian desire to punish any future administration that backs out of the agreement is not in the interests of America or the world.

It’s almost blackmail by the Iranians on any future administration — not good.
Iranian negotiators voiced concerns about the current version of the financial and sanctions assurances.

Such misgivings indicate the accord will likely extend beyond Monday. The panelists at the NCRI session Wednesday agreed the scenario was planned.