Train Derailment Investigation Officially Launched To Find Out What Happened

( The National Transportation Safety Board is continuing investigations into a train derailment that killed three people and injured several others in Joplin, Montana. On Tuesday it was confirmed that the NTSB was still on scene at the sight of the accident, with experts trying to determine what made the Amtrak passenger train – which was carrying 100 people at the time – derail.

The train was traveling to Seattle from Chicago on Saturday.

On Monday, the vice chairman of the NTSB, Bruce Landsberg, told the press that 14 investigators will continue looking into the case to determine the cause of the derailment. He said that they are looking into all possibilities, but at this stage there was not one specific cause that they could point to.

He said that they have “ruled everything in” and nothing has been ruled out.

Is it just us, or does it sound like the NTSB is suggesting that there is a very real possibility that this may have been done intentionally?

Otherwise, what’s the point of stating so strongly that everything has been ruled in?

Just a thought.

The train had 10 cars and two locomotives. Eight cars derailed as the train traveled on a gradual right-hand curve.

During the press conference Landsberg confirmed that the NTSB will stay on the scene of the crash throughout the investigation, and a report is expected within 30 days of the incident.

Five passengers are still in hospital, though they are thankfully all in stable condition.