Investigators Find New Evidence Exposing Hunter Biden Deals 

( Rep. James Comer (R-KY) announced recent developments in the probe of Joe Biden’s questionable financial transactions on Fox News “Sunday Morning Futures” with anchor Maria Bartiromo.  

Hunter Biden’s laptop discovered additional evidence exposing President Biden himself to highly worrisome dealings abroad, including links between Biden family members and huge payments from unknown sources in China. 

Comer says the latest information proves Biden lied about his role in his son’s business dealings. 

Comer said that we know that the president has been dishonest about his role as vice president. Speaking with Hunter Biden’s old allies, Comer said they learned that the Biden family had agreed to assist China with access to the White House. 

According to Comer, investigators have uncovered a communication showing Hunter was “highly upset” with a Chinese business partner. Hunter had done every ****ing thing they had ever asked of him, and he reminded them that they had never done anything in return for him. Then, just a few weeks later, a three million dollar wire transfer appeared in Rob Walker’s account, and the following day, they wired money to Hunter Biden and other family members.  

Comer claims that more review of financial documents is forthcoming. The White House and the Biden administration haven’t seen anything yet, and things will only get worse from here.  

Comer said that they were aware of Hunter Biden’s business transactions before his famed “Laptop From Hell” was found at a random computer repair shop with compromising data still on it. That’s why Big Tech attempted to bury the news before the 2020 election so they wouldn’t hurt Biden’s chances of becoming president.  

Comer said that recent financial transactions revealed by investigators connect the Joe Biden family to these commercial deals more than any other evidence to date. Many people believe that Hunter Biden was alluding to his father, the former vice president when he cited a “Big Guy” in his contact with a business partner before discovering these financial dealings.