Infamous Killer Receives Life Sentence

Taylor Schabusiness, 25, convicted in a Wisconsin court of murdering her boyfriend, arrived late to her sentencing with a spit hood around her neck and her feet and hands shackled in chains. The spit hood was necessary due to her attack on her former public defender.

Schabusiness was convicted in July of murdering her boyfriend, Shad Thyrion, after a drug-filled sex encounter with BDCS. During the sexual encounter, she asphyxiated him and then removed his head and genitals, which were recovered later by police.

She placed a chain around his neck and began choking him while having sex. She enjoyed choking him and went crazy but claimed she didn’t intend to kill him. She estimated it took 3 to 5 minutes for him to die, and she admitted she enjoyed it. She claimed to have passed out during the encounter but woke up finding Thyrion turning purple and resumed choking him.

In a particularly gruesome testimony, Schabusiness said she continued having sex with the dead man’s body for several hours after killing him before securing a bread knife to dismember his body.

Bodycam footage taken by police during Schabusiness’ arrest revealed that her left hand was bloody. During a search of her car, a crock pot was discovered containing Thyrion’s legs and additional body parts.

Thyrion’s upper torso was later found in a tote in the basement of the home the couple rented and owned by Tara Pakanich.

She told police the drugs may have made her paranoid as she tried finding bags to place the body parts in. She admitted she forgot to take the victim’s head. She had put in a pail and covered with a cloth.

She told police they could find the weapons used to dismember Thyrion’s body were hidden in the basement along with the other body parts.
She asked one of the police detectives if he had ever loved something so much he had to kill it.

Schabusiness received a life sentence for her horrific crime without the possibility of parole.