Immigrant Trump Supporter’s Garage SET ON FIRE, BLM/Biden Graffiti Spray Painted On Door

( Trump supporters in Minnesota wrote on Facebook that their garage was set on fire in “suspicious” circumstances in the early hours of Wednesday morning. Dennis Molla, an immigrant from Ukraine who supports President Donald Trump, told the Star Tribune that they moved to the United States for a better life.

In a Facebook post, the Molla family explained that their house was “supposedly targeted by BLM/Antifa.”

“We woke up to a loud explosion, and saw that our camper was on fire, along with both of Dennis’s trucks, his garage and our entire back yard,” they added. “Thank God our main house is safe. We are safe. Our children are safe. Thank you so much to the Brooklyn Center Police Department, Minnesota for helping us get our family out of the house, and a special thanks to Officer C. Jordan and another officer and firefighters for saving our dogs. He said it was so hot they almost had to leave them.”

Firefighters and police officers responded to the fire on N. Morgan Avenue in the early hours to find three vehicles burned inside a detached garage that was set on fire.

“The fire is considered suspicious, and our investigation remains extremely active,” a police statement explained.

Police also said that they observed what looked to be fresh spray paint on a garage, which read “BLM,” and “Biden 2020.” The graffiti also appeared to include an anarchist symbol – an “A” with a circle around it.

Deana Molla, the wife of Dennis Molla, told the Star Tribune that they heard an explosion “that shook the house.” She explained how her husband climbed out of the basement window in his underwear and a tee-shirt and saw three people running and picking up a box of matches.

Deana said that once the fire was under control, they were showed a picture of the garage door by police officers, which displayed the graffiti.

She also told the paper how 10 days before, somebody noticed the Trump flag on her husband’s pickup truck. She said someone “drove by slowly and took pictures.”

Dennis Molla described how he moved to the United States when he was four years old, and that he feels sorry for his parents.

“I’m not one of those confrontational people,” he said, “I just feel very sorry for my parents, just because they wanted to leave the USSR for us to have a better future and life in America. For them to see me express my beliefs as a Republican, it’s crazy to think it came down to this.”

Local authorities, the FBI, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are investigating the cause of the fire and have offered a $5,000 reward to anybody who has information that will lead to the identification of the suspect.