Ilhan Omar Wants To Bypass Parliamentarian’s Ruling In Senate

( Far-left Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar is publicly calling on President Joe Biden and the Democrats to disregard a ruling by the Senate parliamentarian that would prohibit several immigration reforms – which form a key part of the extremist $3.5 trillion domestic plan by the Democrats.

Elizabeth MacDonough, the ruling Senate Parliamentarian, announced on Sunday a huge setback to President Biden’s year-one agenda which included a provision that would allow millions of illegal aliens to be granted green cards.

It comes after President Biden spent more than a year on the campaign trail promising to give illegal aliens a path to citizenship and green cards – making them legal residents of the United States – in the meantime.

Technically, the ruling is only a recommendation. And Omar has homed in on that.

In a tweet, she insisted that Democrat Senate Leader Senator Chuck Schumer, as well as the White House, “can and should ignore it.”

Yes. Ilhan Omar, who married her brother to get him a green card, thinks that the White House and Senate Democrats should ignore the ruling Senate Parliamentarian and plow ahead with plans to give green cards to millions of illegal aliens.

Rule of law? What rule of law?

The controversial proposed $3.5 trillion spending package being pushed by the democrats is currently making its way through Congress, but there is no clear path for its passing. Under the package, millions of illegal aliens who were brought to the country as children would be given a path to citizenship.

It’s a prize for the Democrats, as many of those millions of illegal aliens would likely become Democrat voters.

However, MacDonough recommended against the plan as the policy would flout the reconciliation rules in the Senate which the Democrats are expected to use to pass the bill with only a simple majority vote.

MacDonough’s ruling said that the policy changes in the proposal go way beyond the budgetary impact, meaning it would not be appropriate to include as part of a reconciliation vote.

In other words, budget reconciliation – which allows budgets to be passed with a simple majority vote – would not be appropriate as the proposed rule would make it much more than just a “budget” package.

The Democrats have a fight on their hands if they try to pass such a huge and sweeping proposal without going through the proper Congressional processes.