Hunter Biden’s ‘Sugar Brother’ Reveals Solution To Debt Problem

Kevin Morris, a.k.a. the “sugar brother,” has proposed to Congress that Hunter Biden should reimburse himself for the millions of cash he lent him by “lathering up” the entertainment lawyer’s cars.

Morris, 60, confirmed that the first son owes him at least $5 million, but he said he is hazy on many specifics of his financial connection with President Biden’s son, including the exact amount the lawyer is owed. The debt will mature by 2025.

Since he paid Hunter over $2 million to pay off the first son’s outstanding taxes on a portion of that unpaid income, Sugar Brother came into the picture.

The attorney testified that he did not violate federal campaign financing regulations by paying Hunter’s living expenses and tax obligations.

Morris, who made a fortune representing the makers of the television series “South Park,” is under investigation due to suspicious activity about Hunter’s earnings, which is the subject of a probe into President Biden’s impeachment.

Republicans claim that to profit millions of dollars from their illicit sales of access to then-Vice President Joe Biden during international business transactions in nations like China and Ukraine, Hunter and his first brother, James Biden, sold access to the vice president.

Although it’s unclear how the president’s son will repay Morris’s debt, the attorney said he is confident that Hunter will repay. Hunter left a probation-only plea agreement in July, and now he is being prosecuted for tax fraud in Los Angeles and unlawful gun ownership in Delaware.

Morris admitted that it is “basically” accurate that he gave Hunter a $4.9 million loan between 2020 and 2022. The loan started a month after Morris met the president’s son at a late 2019 presidential campaign dinner.

The Republicans in charge of the impeachment investigation think Hunter owes Morris more than $7 million.

Morris also testified that he had paid money to Lunden Roberts, the former adult star with whom Hunter shares a daughter, and Kathleen Buhle, the first son’s ex-wife.

Morris paid $875,000 for 11 of Hunter’s artworks, making him the highest buyer of Hunter’s efforts.