Hunter Biden’s Connection To Whitey Bulger’s Nephew

( Hunter Biden’s laptop includes emails that reveal one of Hunter Biden’s business associates who played a key role in several of his Chinese business ventures is the nephew of notorious Boston crime boss Whitey Bulger.

Jim Bulger, the son of former Massachusetts state Senator William Bulger, was the chairman of the Boston-based Thornton Group, LLC which teamed up with Hunters Rosemont Seneca to launch a joint venture with the Chinese investment firm Bohai Capital to create BHR Partners.

The more significant connection isn’t Jim Bulger’s relation to Whitey Bulger; it’s that Jim Bulger is the son of a former Democrat state Senator who was a close ally of John Kerry. John Kerry’s stepson, Christopher Heinz co-founded Rosemont Seneca with Hunter Biden and Devon Archer.

Three sons of Democrat politicians join forces to make money in China. That alone should set off alarm bells.

In an email from early 2014, Jim Bulger suggested he, Hunter, and Rosemont Seneca co-founder Devon Archer meet with the Chinese ambassador to the US to discuss BHR Partners.

Meanwhile, Hunter also involved Jim Bulger in the business dealings of other Biden family members. When John Owens, the husband of Joe Biden’s sister Valerie, was trying to secure a business license to expand his telemedicine company to China, it was Jim Bulger that Hunter reached out to.

When the CEO of BHR, Jonathan Li, wanted help in getting his children accepted to American universities, Li contacted Jim Bulger.

Bulger then cc’d Hunter and Devon Archer in his response to Li, writing “Lets [sic] see how we can be helpful here.” And Hunter Biden came through, enlisting the services of his father, former Vice President Joe Biden.

Eric Schwerin, the president of Rosemont Seneca, later emailed Jonathan Li letting him know that Hunter had gotten his father to write a letter of recommendation for Li’s son Chris for Brown University, despite the former Vice President never having met the kid.

Joe Biden later penned a letter of recommendation for Li’s daughter when she applied to Georgetown.

Meanwhile, a Delaware grand jury is continuing to investigate Hunter Biden’s foreign dealings.