Hunter Biden’s Business Partner To Face SENTENCING Over Fraud Scheme

( The long-time business partner of Hunter Biden, the scandal-ridden son of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, is due to be sentenced for his alleged role in a fraud scheme. A federal appeals court ruled that Devon Archer would appear before a court of law over a plan to defraud a South Dakota Native American tribe.

The three-judge 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals chose to overturn a decision by a lower court, meaning Archer will be sentenced on January 21.

It comes as the Biden campaign continually attempts to downplay the potentially criminal activity that his son, Hunter Biden, has thought to have taken part in. It was also recently revealed that Hunter Biden received a payment of $3.5 million from the wife of the former mayor of Moscow while his father was vice president.

Archer has a history in Democratic politics, too, having served on the 2004 failed presidential campaign for John Kerry.

Now, he’s getting ready to be sentenced for his involvement in a scam that involved a $60 million bond offered to the Wakpamni Lake Community Association. In June 2018, Archer was convicted on charges of conspiracies and fraud. Judge Ronnie Abrams, however, overturned the conviction in November 2018, saying there was no evidence that Archer was aware of the bond fraud that took place.

The appellate court overruled this, however, stating that the district court had “abused its discretion in vacating the judgment and granting a new trial.” According to the appellate judges, evidence showed that Archer not only knew the fraud plot was occurring, but that he understood the “general nature and extent of the scheme” and even “intended to bring about its success.”

What was initially a close shave for the former associate of Hunter Biden now looks to be a case of the American justice system truly doing its job.

The scheme took place while Biden and Archer were both partners in an asset management company called Rosemont Seneca Bohai. In April 2014, Archer met with Vice President Joe Biden. The meeting occurred only days before Hunter Biden was appointed to the board of Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian energy company, despite having zero experience working in energy.