Hunter Biden’s $100k Per Month Price Tag For Lawyers Revealed

( Allies for Hunter Biden are considering creating a legal defense fund to pay for his ever-increasing legal team, sources told the Washington Post.

Anonymous sources told the Post that the fund was prompted by the First Son’s struggle to pay his legal bills now that he is pursuing an aggressive legal strategy to fight back against impending congressional inquiries and the ongoing federal tax investigation.

With the Republican-controlled House poised to begin investigating Hunter’s foreign business deals for any links to the president, Hunter’s legal team has ballooned in recent months. However, it isn’t clear how much Hunter owes for his legal representation, especially since much of the legal fees are expected to be reduced or done pro bono.

But according to the Post’s sources, Hunter’s current legal debt is estimated to be millions of dollars, an estimate that is likely to increase as he faces investigations in the House.

With his shady foreign deals a thing of the past, Hunter’s only known source of income is from the sales of his paintings. According to the Washington Post, the president’s son has only sold about a dozen of them, all for far less than the $500,000 once estimated by a gallery. Given the impending investigations in Congress, however, some potential art buyers have backed out, a source told the Post.

It is not uncommon for prominent figures to launch a legal defense fund given the expensive attorneys required to handle high-profile cases. But since disclosures around such defense funds are hardly transparent, if Hunter chooses to go that route, it could cause problems for the Biden White House.

Currently, discussions into creating a legal defense fund for Hunter are only in the preliminary stages, the sources told the Post. Key questions, including who would run it and what kinds of confidentiality rules would be in place remain undecided.