Hunter Biden Tries To Run From Journalists

( Hunter Biden, the controversial son of President Joe Biden, was confronted at his luxurious Los Angeles home by journalist Phelim McAleer recently. The journalists asked Biden at his work landing lucrative business deals overseas while his father was the vice president during the Obama administration, and quizzed him on the issue of his father being the “Big Guy” he talked about in leaked texts and emails.

Hunter Biden could be seen running away from the journalists and slamming the door when he was asked about the money-making scheme – something that he has refused to talk about to this day.

“Hunter came down to answer the door but he ran when he saw it was journalists asking a question,” McAleer said.

Biden was likely also unsettled by the parking of a billboard outside of his Venice home which displayed photographs of Hunter Biden smoking drugs – which came from a laptop he abandoned at a Delaware computer repair stores. The billboard also asked, “Hunter, why did Burisma pay you $80,000 per month?”

It was a reference to a Ukrainian energy company hiring Hunter Biden to sit on its board, despite Biden having no previous business experience in the industry. It is widely speculated that Hunter Biden was able to make such lucrative business deals by offering access to his father when he was in the White House.

The billboard also advertised a new movie titled “My Son Hunter” which exposes the horrific and illegal activities Hunter Biden has (allegedly) been involved with for years. We say allegedly, but Hunter Biden has been pretty open about the fact he did drugs…and there is video footage showing him smoking drugs while engaging in sexual acts with young-looking women.

No wonder he didn’t want to answer the door.