Hunter Biden Tried To Cash In On Russian Oligarchs

( In a lengthy article at Just the News, John Solomon and Seamus Bruner present a timeline of Hunter Biden’s business deals in Eastern Europe, including his involvement with a Russian oligarch.

Using documented evidence from government records as well as private emails and memos, Just the News tracks Hunter and his associates’ financial relationship with Russian oligarch Yelena Baturina, the wife of the late mayor of Moscow and the wealthiest woman in Russia.

Much of the details in the Just the News report are already widely known.

In September 2020, a Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee released a report on its investigation into Hunter’s shady foreign deals.

The report revealed that Baturina had sent $3.5 million to a firm co-founded by Hunter Biden. Just the News reports that memos from the time reveal that Hunter was directly involved with Baturina as his firm pitched deals to her, including a $40 million real estate venture in New York.

Just the News provides links to relevant documents and records, including memos and emails that confirm Baturina’s connection to Hunter and his associates, including Devon Archer, Jason Galanis, and Bevan Cooney.

Hunter and his associates worked with Baturina to help her open bank accounts in the United States. In February 2014, she planned to meet with them when she came to the US to open her account. It was at that time that Baturina wired the $3.5 million to Rosemont Seneca Thornton, an entity linked to Hunter’s Rosemont Seneca.

Coincidentally, at the same time Baturina wired that money to Rosemont Seneca Thornton, then-Vice President Joe Biden was tapped as Obama’s point-man for Ukraine.

With Biden in charge of US policy in Ukraine, Hunter and his business partners moved in to exploit the opportunity.

While the information contained in the Just the News report is not new, it is still worth the time to review as it compiles and chronicles all of Hunter’s dirty dealings in one timeline. It also supplies links to all the primary source materials used to construct the timeline.

Read the full report HERE.