Hunter Biden Says Blackmail Footage Exists Of Him, And That One Of His Laptops Was Stolen

( Hunter Biden, the endless source of controversy and the son of President Joe Biden, believes he once lost a laptop to a hooker during a weeks-long party with his friends and a Russian drug dealer. The revelation came in the form of yet another naked video of Hunter Biden, sitting on a bed with a hooker while he talked about the laptop being taken from him.

In the clip, which was published over at The Post Millennial, Hunter Biden can be heard talking about how he could potentially fall victim to blackmail if the video footage on the laptop were ever to be used by the Russians who stole the laptop.

According to a report by The Daily Mail, the laptop was likely taken during a party in summer 2018, when he was staying in a penthouse in Las Vegas. Hunter described how he enjoyed an eighteen-day drugs bender in various penthouse suites that cost over $10,000 per night. He talked about how he ended up face-down in a pool in one such penthouse, and other partygoers thought he was dead.

He said that he went out to the hot tub alone, which hangs over the edge of the top floor of the building with sides made of glass, where he passed out. When he came back around, he said that there was a gang of people cleaning up the room and preparing to leave. One Russian woman stayed behind.

She told Hunter that the party left as they didn’t want an ambulance to turn up while the party was still going on. He added that he believes his Russian drug dealer and two friends stole the computer as they were abandoning the party.

He then went on to describe how the laptop was filled with videos he had taken of him engaging in various activities, including weird sex acts.

A Russian took the laptop of the son of the President of the United States, which contains damaging material, and the Democrats really aren’t talking about how Russians could be blackmailing the federal government?

What universe are we living in?