Hugh Hefner’s Widow To Reveal What She Kept Hidden For Years

The ‘toxic objectification and sexism’ that Crystal Harris, the widow of Hugh Hefner, endured as a resident of the Playboy house, will soon be revealed. 

The 37-year-old’s forthcoming biography, Only Say Good Things, will be an honest look at how her early adulthood was ‘stolen’ after she attended her first party at the infamous estate at age 21. 

She’ll spill the beans on how Hefner, the business tycoon, picked her out of the crowd to become one of his famed “girlfriends” and ultimately lead to their 2012 New Year’s Eve wedding despite their 60-year age difference. 

Crystal, who was allowed to visit the globe and attend exclusive Hollywood events, is about to expose the hidden side of the lavish lifestyle she was given.

The book will reveal how Hefner controlled his girlfriends’ life, from their appearance to curfews, putting Crystal in a position where she had to compete with other women for her status. Crystal’s rapid rise to fame and popularity at Playboy came at the expense of her independence from the company. She felt that the people around her were exposed when they made fun of her and the other young women. 

Crystal reveals Hefner surprised her with a proposal and that the deal was ‘one she could not conceive declining.’ Since then, Crystal has gone through a metamorphosis, shifting from placing a premium on other people’s approval to understanding her value.

After Hugh passed away, Crystal reportedly became more “down-to-earth,” ditching her high heels for sneakers and her elaborate cosmetic routine in favor of a more natural look. She has publicly renounced her use of cosmetic enhancement. When more than a year of feeling ill, Crystal decided in 2016 to have her breast implants removed when she learned they were progressively poisoning her. 

Before she discovered a Facebook community concerning breast implant sickness, doctors diagnosed her with Lyme disease and toxic mold poisoning after she complained of infections, exhaustion, and days she could not get out of bed.

In 2018, Crystal Harris sold the Hollywood Hills mansion that had been bequeathed to her by Playboy’s late founder for $5.5 million. The native of Illinois was laid to rest at the same cemetery as Marilyn Monroe and Farrah Fawcett, not far from UCLA.