House Republicans Say Biden Census Numbers May Have “Interference”

( Over a dozen House Republicans on Friday questioned whether there was political interference in the final census numbers used by the Biden administration to determine how many members of the House every state will receive in the coming decade.

Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo was in the firing line of Republican members of Congress who cited significant gaps between the quantity of House seats that right-leaning states would gain, and that left-leaning states would lose.

It suggests that gerrymandering could have come into play, with the Biden administration playing politics and trying to help the Democrats maintain permanent control of Congress.

In a letter signed by Rep. James Comer of Kentucky and other Republicans, questions are raised about the methodology used to determine the numbers and the role that the Biden White House may have played in releasing the numbers.

“We write today with concerns about the apportionment count released by the Census Bureau, and whether the process which derived the count was fair, accurate, and independent from any White House interference,” the letter reads.

It explains how after several months of delays, the apportionment results were finally published on April 26, and described how the representation stakes are high.

“When our staff contacted the Census Bureau on the morning of the release with questions about the apportionment count, they were referred by Census officials to the White House for questions,” the letter continues.

The letter also noted how Democrats have falsely accused the Trump administration of using the Census for political gain, but that the Biden administration “has done just that.” Instead of attempting to ensure the accuracy of the census by excluding illegal aliens, the Democrats have allowed illegal aliens to be included in the count – allowing Democrat-leaning states where more illegal aliens live to gain more representatives in Congress off the back of the increase in population.

“For example, New York was estimated to have a population of 19,336,776, but was attributed an apportionment population much greater than that of 20,215,751, a difference of nearly 900,000 individuals. Likewise, states such as New Jersey and Illinois experienced large population increases of hundreds of thousands of individuals compared to the December estimates, while states such as Arizona, Florida, and Texas experienced large decreases from the December estimates,” the letter added.

While President Donald Trump regularly talked about the danger of including illegal aliens in the census, this letter is the first step taken by Republicans to publicly acknowledge what has happened since – and it’s likely not the last thing the Republicans to do to counter the Democrats’ efforts to unfairly increase their representation in Congress.

The letter requests a trove of documents to prove that there was no interference from the White House…let’s see if we get those.