Hollywood star Goldie Hawn Calls LA Terrible for Rising Crime

Burglar breaking door of house with crowbar

On the June 12th episode of Let’s Talk Off Camera with Kelly Ripa, actress Goldie Hawn (78) said that she is considering leaving Los Angeles following two break-ins at her house.

The break-ins have made Hawn feel threatened and have made her doubt her ability to continue living in the city where she has spent so much time. Hawn said that the first break-in happened while she was out at a dinner outing with her boyfriend, Kurt Russell.

Hawn said that Los Angeles was terrible. When they got home from dinner and she went upstairs and entered the walk-in closet, she became upset. She discovered that the criminals had gone into the bedroom from the balcony. They broke down the security door and stole a lot of her personal belongings and valuables.

At the time, Hawn felt the incident was an unusual occurrence, but another one happened four months later, leaving her shaken. On one occasion, she and her dog were home alone when she heard loud rumbling upstairs.  The next day, she found out that they had been attempting to enter the bedroom while she was in the house.

In light of these events, Hawn and Russell are contemplating a move to Palm Desert, which she characterized as a far safer alternative to the rising criminal activity in Los Angeles. Hawn has hired a security guard.

There was a 5% increase in residential break-ins in Los Angeles last year compared to 2023, indicating a disturbing trend.

On April 21, there was a break-in at the residence of Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass. Charges of burglary and vandalism were brought against Ephraim Matthew Hunter, a 29-year-old man.

According to a social media post from the Los Angeles Police Department, someone broke a window and gained access to the Getty House while the residents were home. The statement went on to say that officers reacted quickly to the incident and safely arrested the culprit.