Hillary Clinton Says Gullible Americans Don’t Appreciate Biden’s Success

(FiveNation.com)- Two conspiracy peddlers got together for a chat last Tuesday when RussiaGate True Believer Rachel Maddow sat down with RussiaGate Creator Hillary Clinton.

Hillary praised President Joe Biden for all his wonderful accomplishments and told Maddow that the reason Biden is still doing so poorly, despite his wonderful accomplishments, is because those gullible Americans are just too easily misled by Republicans on social media.

The solution, the bitter old woman explained, was to have “gatekeepers” with “a historical perspective” who can censor the mean old Republicans and help those dumb Americans see just what a wonderful Dear Leader Joe Biden is.

To Hillary’s thinking, Biden getting his multi-trillion-dollar COVID “Relief” package in February was just awesome. And if only those dastardly Republicans on social media weren’t pointing out how the bill set off rising inflation, created a worker shortage by incentivizing people to stay unemployed, and caused a spike in consumer prices, Americans would realize just how awesome it was.

She also praised the $1.2 trillion “infrastructure” bill and celebrated the House passing the Build Back Better bill. Calling these two massive spending bills that will only further cripple our economy “extraordinary accomplishments,” Hillary said the only reason people don’t realize how extraordinary they are is “because of the lack of gatekeepers” “who can help us understand what we are seeing.”

In other words, Hillary longs for the United States to be more like North Korea.

Yes, the lady who paid for the dossier thinks Republicans are the ones exploiting the gullible. And she made these comments to an MSNBC host who spent four years exploiting the gullible to peddle her RussiaGate conspiracy theories.

Neither Hillary Clinton nor Rachel Maddow is burned by an overabundance of self-awareness.

The bottom line is Hillary Clinton believes the State should have more control over the flow of information to make sure the American people are getting the government-approved narrative. In short, to “protect democracy,” she wants Americans to stop believing their lying eyes and blindly accept the State-approved talking points peddled by “gatekeepers.”