Harvey Weinstein Freaks Out After Discovering He Will be Extradited To LA

(FiveNation.com)- Had you forgotten about Harvey Weinstein? He’s very much still alive and is soon expected to be extradited to California from New York where he will face yet more charges of sexual assault. It comes after a judge rejected his last attempt to delay his extradition over concerns about his failing health.

A New York Erie County judge denied the 69-year-old disgraced Hollywood producer a petition to stop the transfer to Los Angeles, meaning he’s about to face 11 charges of sexual assault and rape.

Boy, it’s no wonder he didn’t want to go.

Prosecutors told the judge recently that Los Angeles authorities will likely only be able to facilitate the transfer before mid-July, giving him a few weeks to prepare. However, Weinstein’s lawyers said that he needs to stay in New York because of ongoing medical treatment. The court filings do not reveal the nature of Weinstein’s conditions or the treatment he is receiving, but it’s worth mentioning that lawyers will do absolutely everything they can to make life easier for their clients.

Including exaggerating illness or finding arguments where there really may not be much of an argument.

One of Weinstein’s lawyers told the judge that they are not attempting to avoid the trial completely, arguing that once jury selection begins he will still be “ready to go.”

Weinstein attended the recent court hearing remotely, while remaining in the Wende Correctional Facility.

You can see the video clip of the judge ruling that Weinstein must be extradited here.

You’ll see the disgraced Hollywood legend with his head in his hands at the end of the video, and leaning to grab a walking aid.

The new charges could see Weinstein face a longer sentence than he is currently serving, which is 23 years. At this point, with Weinstein’s age and health problems, that it’s unlikely he will ever be released from prison.