Harris’ Trip Gets Off To A Rocky Start

(FiveNation.com)- Vice President Kamala Harris’ first official foreign trip didn’t exactly begin as planned.

On Sunday, Harris and her entourage took off for Guatemala on Air Force 2 only to have to turn around due to a technical problem with the plane.

In the end, perhaps the technical difficulties were an omen of things to come.

Once underway, Harris went back to visit with the traveling press corps, and for reasons unclear, decided to pass out cookies bearing her own likeness. This set off a cascade of mockery on social media after one of the reporters posted a picture of the Kamala cookie in question.

Lately Harris’ social media engagement has been widely criticized for her obsessive use of her own image in tweets. Over the Memorial Day weekend she tweeted “Enjoy the long weekend” along with a picture of herself. And in a tweet urging Americans to get vaccinated, once again, Harris felt the need to include a picture of herself.

Given that, her personally passing out cookies with her likeness is hardly surprising.

Once Harris touched down in Guatemala, things didn’t improve.

The Vice President was met by sign-carrying protestors demanding she go home. Among the signs, was one that read “KAMALA, TRUMP WON” and another reading “KAMALA Mind your own business.”

Guatemala’s president is placing the blame for the flood of Guatemalans pouring over our border directly at the feet of the Biden Administration.

This seems like something Harris should confront in her trip to Guatemala. Instead, she put the blame on “Climate Change.”

Tuesday morning, NBC News aired an interview with Harris and Lester Holt where Holt called Kamala out for not having visited the US/Mexico border.

It did not go well for Harris.

In addition to lying repeatedly that she had visited the border (she hasn’t), Kamala’s trademark cackle reared its head when Holt corrected her and pointed out, truthfully, that she hasn’t been to the border.

“And I haven’t been to Europe” was her unbelievably tone-deaf response.

Watch the clip:

At this juncture, it’s looking more and more like the technical difficulties aboard Air Force Two were probably the least of her problems.