Hackers Got 20 Years Of Matt Walsh’s Emails

On Wednesday, the co-founder of Daily Wire, Jeremy Boreing, claimed that the attack on right-wing figure Matt Walsh’s Twitter account the day before was only the beginning of a larger digital onslaught. According to Boreing, the anonymous hacker was responsible for the security breach.

Walsh has made a name online by venting his anger at the LGBTQ  and trans community, drag queens, and women. He has been known to use the allegedly sexist terminology “girl boss.” His description of himself as a “theocratic fascist” has been embedded in the public’s understanding of his identity. Walsh has a history of making inflammatory comments that could encourage violence, like calling the Pride Flag a “hate symbol” and saying he’d “rather be dead” than have a transgender child.

When asked about the scope of the attack, Boring said that the public probably doesn’t realize that it extended well beyond Twitter. He continued by saying that the hackers accessed everything, including Matt’s email history dating back twenty years. When they inquired about the hack’s breadth,  he said the public might be unaware that the attack was directed at more than just Twitter.

He wondered what embarrassing details hackers may find in Matt’s compromised inbox, but he had no idea what they might be. He admitted that he said a few things in his twenties that he might rethink stating now that he’s older. 

Online, Walsh has established a name for himself by taking out his frustrations on members of the trans and LGBTQ community, drag queens, and women who use sexist terms such as “girl boss.” His self-characterization as a “theocratic fascist” has worked its way into the general perception of who he is. In the past, Walsh has made statements that could incite acts of violence, such as referring to the Pride Flag as a “hate symbol” and stating that he would “rather be dead” than have a child who is transgender.

Boreing continued his thread by expressing his disapproval of the protesters who showed up at events that host from the Daily Wire hosted. He expressed his regret over the fact that Walsh and Brett Cooper had been expelled from some online platforms- canceled by Big Tech.

Someone who goes by the online handle “Doomed” identified himself as the hacker who broke into Matt Walsh’s account.