Group Who Stopped Biden Once Details How They’ll Do It Again

( A fellow from the foundation that successfully sued to block Joe Biden’s student debt bailout believes Republicans should use their new majority in the House to permanently stop the unconstitutional program.

Last week, a US District Judge blocked Biden’s so-called “student loan forgiveness” program after the Jobs Creators Network Foundation filed a lawsuit on behalf of two people who did not qualify for the program.

In his ruling, Judge Mark Pittman argued that Biden’s student debt bailout is unconstitutional since the executive branch did not get congressional authorization to spend $400 billion for a “student loan forgiveness program.”

According to Daniel Di Martino, a fellow at the Job Creators Network Foundation, the new Republican majority should also sue the Biden administration and join the existing lawsuits against the program. He argued that having the House of Representatives as a plaintiff in the suits would solve any possible “standing issues” in these cases.

Di Martino told the Daily Caller that the Job Creators Network Foundation fully expects the Biden administration to appeal Judge Pittman’s ruling, but believes they will win in the end.

The Justice Department submitted an appeal last Friday.

Di Martino told the Daily Caller that the only chance of stopping Biden is “to have a Congress that is willing to stand up to this administration” by pursuing legislation that constrains the White House from taking unilateral action like the student loan bailout.

Di Martino added that the country needs to “fix higher education,” but student loan bailouts “aren’t the solution.” He said the solution to the high cost of education is found “within the universities” that are charging too much for tuition.

If a Republican House introduces legislation to end Biden’s student debt bailout, it is unlikely to pass in the Democrat-controlled Senate. And even if it did, Joe Biden would never sign it into law.