Greta Thunberg Slams John Kerry For His Insane Comments

( No matter how radical your position on Climate Change might be, it is never radical enough for Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg.

In a tweet on Sunday, the most famous Scandinavian girl since Pippi Longstocking mocked President Biden’s “Climate Czar” John Kerry for an interview he did in the UK Guardian.

In the interview, Kerry said that 50% of the reductions in carbon emissions necessary to get to a net zero by 2050 or 2045 would have to come from technology that hasn’t yet been invented.

Kerry went on to explain that the people who are realistic about Climate Change understand that’s part of the challenge.

This did not sit well with Greta.

Dripping with sarcasm that was unmistakable even in a tweet, Thunberg tweeted, “Great news! I spoke to Harry Potter and he said he will team up with Gandalf, Sherlock Holmes & The Avengers to get started right away!”

Apparently Greta is not one of those people who is realistic about Climate Change.

Thunberg would never be accused of having a real world approach to dealing with the changing climate – which is why so many climate scientists remain critical of her “my way or the highway” demands.

As it is, with Kerry at the helm, the Biden Administration is looking to completely overhaul the US economy and energy sector all to appease the Climate alarmists. Biden’s so-called “Infrastructure” bill is nothing but a not-so-stealth version of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal.

While Biden lifts sanctions on Russia’s pipelines, he is shutting down the Keystone Pipeline in the US and squeezing America’s energy-independence.

But even all that is not enough for Greta.

No actions – no matter how damaging to a nation’s economy — are ever fast enough or far enough to meet her exacting and unrealistic standards.

But then again, Greta Thunberg’s radicalism is legendary. Just days after Greta was selected as Time Magazine’s 2019 “Person of the Year,” she was in Italy telling a crowd of activists if world leaders didn’t do as she wanted “We will make sure to put world leaders against the wall.”

It isn’t an easy task to make John Kerry look measured and thoughtful when it comes to Climate Change. But Greta Thunberg did it with ease.