Greta Thunberg Criticized By Israel After Gaza Post

Israeli officials responded to Swedish climate campaigner Greta Thunberg’s Friday social media post showing solidarity with Palestinians.

The activist wrote that she thought the international community should demand justice and freedom for Palestinians and all affected citizens, as well as an immediate end to the violence. She broadcasted “Stand With Gaza” on X, formerly known as Twitter.

When Thunberg tweeted again, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which manages Israel’s X account, quickly replied.

They said the rockets that Hamas has used to murder countless Israeli civilians are not made from “sustainable materials.” It was a twisting needle straight into Thunberg’s psyche.

The tweet went on to say that it’s possible that some of the Hamas massacre’s victims were her friends. “Speak Up,” they said.

Thunberg’s initial post included a photo of her and three other activists holding posters calling for climate justice, solidarity with Gaza, and support for Palestinian rights. One of the activists’ legs was being held by a blue octopus with a grumpy expression, so the content had to go. The original poster denied any knowledge that it may be read as an antisemitic symbol.

In a subsequent post, Thunberg omitted the teddy animal from the frame while showing the same four people holding identical signs.

Thunberg noted that autistic persons frequently utilize the object depicted in the photo as a means of expressing themselves emotionally.

Thunberg, who was arrested at a London energy protest last week, has said that she and her fellow protesters are against prejudice of any kind and abhor antisemitism in all its forms.

On Sunday, thousands of people gathered in Berlin and London to protest antisemitism and demonstrate their support for Israel at vigils. Thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters in Paris and other cities demanded an end to the fighting and aid for the residents of besieged Gaza.

Since the beginning of the ongoing battle, the number of casualties in Gaza, as reported by local authorities, has risen to over 4,600. The majority of the over 1,400 Israeli casualties on October 7 were unarmed bystanders.