Greg Gutfeld Defeats Stephen Colbert In National TV Ratings

( Greg Gutfeld has long been a staple on Fox News. His late show “Gutfeld!” is a comedy show on the network that discusses topical issues and politics and does so not necessarily from a conservative perspective but from a non-woke and pro-freedom perspective.

It’s doing so well that Gutfeld is taking over his rivals, recently beating every other late night show in terms of viewership. And yes, that includes Stephen Colbert’s late night CBS show.

Men who were once considered the kings of late night comedy are lagging behind in the ratings as they adopt weird woke comedy that includes dancing around with giant vaccines.

No, seriously.

Can Colbert be any more insufferable? And since when did left-wingers support Big Pharma? You know the world’s gone mad when late night TV show hosts are promoting people take a vaccine that doesn’t work, but still makes Big Pharma even richer.

Data shows that last Tuesday, Gutfeld’s 11pm show saw 2.120 million viewers, with some 434,000 of those being in the coveted 25-54 age demographic.

By comparison, the Late Show starts at 11:35pm and attracted 1.896 million viewers with 423,000 of those in the 25-54 demographic.

This has happened before, too, on August 17.

Something is happening. The American people are tuning out of left-wing shows and into right-wing and pro-freedom shows.

Left-wing comedian Bill Maher recently talked about this phenomenon, saying that Gutfeld was resonating with more people because liberals are making themselves easy targets. Maher said that for many years the “liberals weren’t crazy,” which is why there was no conservative comedy. But now, he said, “three years old pick their own gender” and that’s certainly a driver behind conservatives building their own conservative shows.

He’s not wrong, is he?