Graphic Books Are Being Given Out At School Library

( According to the National File, despite pushback from parents, a Pennsylvania school district is continuing to offer books promoting sexually-explicit books to children as part of its “social-emotional learning” curriculum.

The Haverford School District’s middle school library contains books on gender ideology, as well as books that graphically describe rape and pedophilia. While parents have objected to the use of such material, the school board refuses to drop the material from its library.

One of the books, “Beyond Magenta: Transgender Teens Speak Out,” promotes “gender transitioning” for children and includes graphic details about first-hand accounts of sexual acts and molestation.

Another book, Out of Darkness, which is promoted by Black Lives Matter, was found in the Haverford High School library. This book graphically details an interracial sexual relationship between two Texas children in the 1930s.

A parent of a Haverford High School student read a graphic passage from “Out of Darkness” during a recent school board meeting. However, district officials have dismissed parental concerns over the inappropriate books kept in the district’s libraries.

The school district’s mental health professionals claim that these explicit books are beneficial to children whom they claim are struggling emotionally and mentally.

The National File had previously reported that the Haverford School District was offering a trans-centered book as part of its K-3 curriculum.

The book, “Jacob’s New Dress” chronicles the story of a boy who wanted to wear dresses to school. Parents from the Haverford school district in Delaware had notified The National File that the book was being offered to students in five elementary schools within the district.

The media and elected Democrats have argued that Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law is targeting a phony boogeyman. They claim schools aren’t indoctrinating children in “gender ideology” using sexually inappropriate material. And yet this very indoctrination is being exposed in state after state and school district after school district.