Governor Newsom Suffered Health Crisis After Taking The Jab, Report Shows

( According to the Daily Mail, far-left Democratic Governor of California Gavin Newsom recently had an adverse reaction to the COVID-19 booster shot after he also took the flu shot within just a few days.

The outlet reported how Newsom, who is otherwise in decent shape and healthy, experienced unpleasant symptoms from the shots, which included muscle weakness and fatigue.

Sources close to the Newsom family revealed the information, and it’s an interesting report given how Newsom recently disappeared from work and public life, only to randomly reappear at the wedding of an oil heiress.

Newsom was last seen in public on October 27 when he received the booster shot in California, after getting the flu shot on October 22. His disappearance sparked rumors about the possibility he was experiencing health problems.

It’s perfectly normal for people to experience adverse reactions to the shot, particularly within the first couple of days. It’s even something that the Democrats have previously warned people about, saying they may expect to feel nauseous or fatigued for a day or two. However, it’s interesting that the Newsom family chose to go to additional lengths to hide it from the public.

They went so far, in fact, that they just pulled him from the public eye completely – allowing his representatives to insist that he was working from home and that nothing was wrong.

If it’s so normal, why would they want to hide it?

Have the Democrats learned nothing from this pandemic, particularly with regard to being transparent about anything COVID related?