Governor declares emergency as raging wildfires force thousands of residents out of their homes

( It’s 2022, and wildfires are still causing chaos and destruction. After years of record-breaking wildfires, Colorado is once again witnessing massive evacuations as fires dramatically impact the lives of tens of thousands of people.

Two cities in the state were forced to implement evacuation procedures, with the city of Louisville and Superior both being told to leave their homes over fear that the flames will consume their neighborhoods. Louisville has a population of 21,000, and Superior has a population of 13,000.

According to reports from the Colorado Sun, at least six people have already been treated for burns after being caught up in the fire. Thousands of homes have also been destroyed, according to sources in local fire departments.

Take a look at this clip below, which shows emergency vehicles rushing to the scene in Louisville to put out neighborhood fires.

Incredible photos taken over the holiday period show hospital staff watching the fires rage in their city from the window:

Incredible drone footage also shows the remains of neighborhoods that had been completely destroyed in Boulder County, Colorado, by the beginning of the new year.

Governor Jared Polis said on Sunday that over one thousand more homes were destroyed in the fire, and many more have experienced damage.

The fire is already the most destructive one in the state’s history, with the rate of thread proving to be totally unprecedented.

Just take a look at this footage from airline passengers that was shared online:

A state of emergency was declared by the governor in December.

With highways being closed and neighborhoods destroyed beyond all recognition, Colorado could do with your prayers right now…