Governments Tell Americans To Downsize Thanksgiving

( Well, it’s that season again when the American corporate news media produces countless “Thanksgiving is racist” hit-pieces while state and local governments rain on Americans’ holiday plans by issuing a bunch of silly COVID guidelines and suggestions.

In Los Angeles, county health officials are urging the unvaccinated to avoid traveling, keep holiday gatherings small, and wear a mask. And whatever you do, you dirty unvaccinated people, don’t mix with other families. LA County also wants people to demand to know the vaccination status of everyone before allowing them to join their Thanksgiving gathering.

That should put everyone in the holiday spirit!

But let’s not pick on Los Angeles. That isn’t the only place embracing its Inner Karen. The city of Pasadena, California put out nearly identical suggestions like the ones from LA.

In Vermont, in addition to offering the same kind of guidelines as LA, people are also being warned to be wary of even their closest family members because they could be vectors for COVID.

Oh, no, not VECTORS!

“Even people you trust the most can have the virus and not know it,” Vermont said in its Thanksgiving guidelines.

Illinois, which is still under a mask mandate, is telling citizens if they’re holding Thanksgiving inside, they should keep it small. They are also encouraging residents to maintain social distancing rules at the dinner table. And woe to anyone who even THINKS about congregating in the kitchen or around a buffet!

Delaware is suggesting you hold your Thanksgiving outside because apparently, Delaware has never been to Delaware in late November. And, to give your dirty unvaccinated relatives a wide berth, Joe Biden’s home state is also suggesting that you keep your holiday gathering small so social distancing from the unvaccinated is easier.

Over the weekend, Anthony Fauci told ABC’s “This Week” that if you are fully vaccinated and “boosted too,” you will be able to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday with your family.

But the people who are still listening to Anthony Fauci, or any of these crackpots issuing Thanksgiving “guidelines,” are incapable of enjoying anything.

How about you just ignore these “guidelines” and enjoy your Thanksgiving.