Government Intel Missed Giant String Of Terrorist Attacks, Report Finds

( The BBC’s adaptations of LeCarre’s novels Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and Smiley’s People were well done. The books are superior, but Alec Guinness is entertaining. LeCarre’s true talent exposes the cynical, soul-crushing, incompetent bureaucracy controlling British intelligence.

It is unusual for the British to be ineffectual, especially their intelligence agents. And given recent reports that claim the British destroyed the Nordstream pipelines and the botched air and sea drone attacks on Russia’s Black Sea Fleet at Sevastopol, it takes on additional significance. The British are acting much like horny schoolboys, starving for encounters but unable to find a happy ending owing to overzealousness and recklessness.

Regarding the Nordstream fiasco, why anyone in the leadership of the United States or the United Kingdom would believe removing Germany’s main natural gas source was a great idea is the clearest illustration of the stupidity that rules decision-making in the shadowy world of intelligence.

Many people found it odd that former Polish Foreign Minister Radek Sikorski accused the United States of being responsible for the Nordstream attack before the water settled.

Sikorski controversially posted “Thank you USA” on his social media profile and afterward cited American President Joe Biden saying that the gas pipeline should be destroyed.

Why would Sikorski act in this manner? Some claim that he genuinely thought it to be true. Other information points to Sikorski’s participation in the effort to deflect blame from British guilt. Sikorski appears friendly with the essential British military, intelligence, and political figures.

In 1982, Boris Sikorski moved to Oxford and assumed the English gent. He spoke flawless English, wore perfectly fitted suits, and liked bow ties. He socialized with Gottfried von Bismarck and took on the moniker “Radish.” The future mayor of London whisked the young Pole into the Bullingdon Club, a drinking establishment that Cameron would also join.

Liz Truss sent her text message to Blinken exactly ONE MINUTE after the GAZPROM pressure sensor alerts went out.

Nobody else was aware that the pipelines had been destroyed.

Draw your conclusions.