Government Deletes Report Saying That People Like Conformity

( A report from the UK government that was inadvertently published online was hastily pulled down, but not before several journalists were able to retrieve the contents. The report explored how to use the lessons learned from the COVID-19 response to alter public behavior in order to ram through a new “green economy.”

The report concluded that because the population obediently conformed to restrictive rules put in place during the pandemic, there is a “deep set reverence” for authority and a “powerful tendency to conform.”

According to Summit News, the report discusses ways to nudge the public into supporting government measures and get them to adopt behavioral changes while keeping the public unaware that they’re being manipulated.

This shouldn’t come as a galloping shock.

Many have been warning that the same methods deployed against the public during the COVID pandemic to force them into obedience with lockdowns, masking and vaccinations would be deployed to push anything from “racial justice” to the Climate Change agenda.

Nobody needed a study to know that was coming.

As syndicated radio host Jesse Kelly has often said, once governments realized just how much liberty the people were willing to surrender in the name of “public health,” they would never stop using those methods to push any other part of their radical, anti-freedom agenda.

You also don’t need a report to see how willingly the public surrendered their civil rights just by framing something as a “public health emergency.”

This is why cities like Chicago and New York are declaring “racism” a “public health emergency.” Just imagine how much power the state can wield over the public just by following the COVID response roadmap.

This is why there is a push to declare “Climate Change” a “public health emergency.”

Governments are often incompetent. But when it comes to increasing their own power, they aren’t stupid. They saw just how subservient the public was when offered enough panic, fear and portents of death. It would be more surprising if governments didn’t consider following the COVID roadmap. There was simply too much power in that fear to resist the temptation of using it again.