Government Decides To Give Citizens “Freedom” To One Hour In Australia

( Australia’s COVID lockdowns is an example of what happens when a government does not believe rights and freedoms are God-given, but instead granted to citizens by the government.

This is the country that forbids its citizens from stepping outside – even arresting anyone who goes out to watch a beautiful sunset. So it is hardly surprising that its government believes that “rights” come from them.

Last week, Australians in New South Wales, the region that includes the city of Sydney, were told that they will be granted extra freedom provided they are fully vaccinated. And what is this “extra freedom?” They’ll be allowed out of their homes for an hour of recreation. Now, before you think this is just like being in a maximum security prison, understand that this hour of recreation is over and above the hour they’re permitted outside to exercise.

Wow! How generous! Two whole hours when NSW residents won’t be harassed and bullied by police.


New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian said bestowing another sixty minutes of freedom is the people’s reward for New South Wales reaching the vaccination milestone of six million.

But hang on a bit, folks! This new “freedom” doesn’t go into effect until September 13. So don’t go rushing out of your homes quite yet.

And if you live in a home where someone isn’t vaccinated, this freedom of an extra hour outside does not apply to you. It isn’t enough for an individual to be vaccinated. Every last person in the home must be vaccinated as well.

But, hey. Freedom comes at a price, right?

The hilarious part is the local 9 News in Australia is reporting on this like this is the best thing since sliced bread.

And while it might offer some comfort that this is Australia and not America. Don’t be fooled. Plenty of US governors and mayors – and even some within the Biden administration – would love to have the same kind of draconian control over the American people that the government of Australia has over theirs.