Government COVID “Expert” Exposed As Leftist Activist With No Medical Doctor Experience

( A so-called government “expert” in the United Kingdom has been revealed as a far-left racial activist who has no medical qualifications whatsoever, despite sitting on the British government’s Independent Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE).

Dr. Zubaida Haque, who is a founding member of Independent SAFE – was revealed by the Telegraph to be an activist for “racial equality,” despite the UK having enacted racial equality laws in the 20th Century.

Haque has regularly appeared in the British media commenting on the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, and even appeared on the Good Morning Britain morning TV show to explain why she believes the government is moving too fast in lifting lockdown restrictions.

Her comments came amid rumors that the British government was planning to delay its June reopening plays amid a surge of cases of the Indian variant of the virus.

Haque told Good Morning Britain that the country has not passed test four of the government roadmap, which specifically related to the presence of new variants of the virus. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the lockdown could be lifted as long as no new variants posed a threat to the plans, but Haque slammed the government for reportedly planning to go ahead with lifting the lockdown anyway.

Scarily, her input was taken seriously, but the British media revealed last week that her PhD thesis was titled “Exploring the validity and possible causes of the apparently poor performance of Bangladeshi students in British secondary schools.”

That’s neither scientific nor medical…so why is she being brought onto TV shows to talk about scientific and medical issues?

She wasn’t the only member of Independent SAGE to slam the government for planning to reopen the national economy, suggesting that the outfit is more politically charged than anything.

Why do racist left-wing activists continue to pitch themselves as experts on everything?