GOP Senators Urge Biden To Keep Trump Era Border Restrictions

( Republican Senators are coming out to urge President Joe Biden to return to Trump-era immigration policy and border restrictions, but it looks as though their desperate pleas are falling on deaf ears.

On Wednesday, Senate Republicans urged the White House to maintain the Trump-era policy that allowed border officials to quickly remove anybody who crosses the U.S.-Mexico border back into Mexico. It comes as reports suggest that the White House could be preparing to remove the directive later in July, making it easier for illegal aliens to cross into the United States, go through the system, and potentially be released into the United States pending a court case that they may or may not turn up to.

The Biden administration has withdrawn most of President Donald Trump’s immigration policies, but this is one that has been kept – for the most part – in place. The U.S.-Mexico border is experiencing a surge of illegal aliens pouring over the border, with roughly 180,000 aliens or more being apprehended by border officials every single month.

Republican lawmakers, including Senator Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia, have warned the Biden administration that border officials could not cope with the massive influx of aliens at the border if they remove the rule.

“Can you imagine what would happen and what will happen when Title 42 goes away?” Capito asked.

She said that she sees where the Biden administration is spending money and knows that they have “no plan” to deal with this “flood of humanity.”

Then again, perhaps no plan is their plan. The more illegal aliens there are in the country, the more illegal aliens there are to grant amnesty to…meaning more votes for the Democrats.

Roughly 100,000 illegal aliens have been expelled using Title 42 each month, with most of those individuals being adults.

Senator Rob Portman, a Republican from Ohio, said that the Biden administration cannot say that they don’t know there will be an influx because many of the adults being turned away right now are being removed based on the Title 42 rule. He also added that there will be a health care emergency as a result, which the Democrats are ignoring too.

The White House refused a request for comment from The Hill, and there is no word yet on whether President Biden is willing to listen to reason.

Americans living in border towns might need to prepare for an even bigger wave of criminality than they’ve been seeing in the first six months of the Biden presidency.