GOP Senator Facing Backlash After Immigration Bill Leaks

Throughout the history of the United States, it was often believed by immigrants that the country was so affluent and abound with opportunity that in some cases, the streets were “paved with gold”. Unfortunately, though, in the modern sense, the union is not the place it once was. Since president Joe Biden first entered the White House in January of 2021, things have been downright dark in the U.S.. Record levels of inflation brought about by the Presidents irresponsible spending agenda continue to crush the shrinking middle class, and wages have not kept up with inflation. Families are struggling to make ends meet, and a vast majority of the public is not confident of the direction in which the nation is headed. Overall, things are not bright in contemporary America.

While Donald Trump faces four criminal indictments, House Republicans opened an impeachment inquiry against the current 46th President Joe Biden. GOP representatives allege that the inquiry is in relation to Bidens involvement in foreign business deals, and plan to subpoena the financial records of his son Hunter. The House Oversight committee has already held its first inquiry hearing, and Hunter Biden made an appearance. When questioned on the matter, Representative Pat Fallon from Texas stated to the media outlet Newsmax that an impeachment inquiry would not haven launched without evidence to support it.

Fallon was likely speaking in response to the White House spokesman Ian Sams, who sent a letter to CNN claiming that Republicans had no evidence of illicit activity by President Biden.

While allegations continue to swirl regarding Biden, Republicans also deal with their own partisan issues. James Lankford, a GOP senator from Oklahoma has come under recent fire for his newest proposal in terms of the illegal immigration crisis at the border. In a bill, Lankford called for a plan permitting over 5,000 illegal migrants per day into America, while also granting H1-B visas and work permits.