GOP Rep Warns Party Must Break From Hardliners

One Republican recently warned her colleagues in the House that the GOP will ultimately be on the short end of the stick in the 2024 elections if the party continues to “walk the plank” on major issues such as birth control, impeaching President Joe Biden and abortion.

Representative Nancy Mace of South Carolina, who was first elected to Congress in 2020, responded to recent comments from Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene from Georgia, who recently urged members of the GOP to block all government funding until an official impeachment inquiry into Biden is launched.

The federal government is currently set to exhaust all its money at the end of September if additional funding isn’t passed. If that happens, the federal government would be forced to shut down, closing multiple agencies.

Kaitlan Collins of CNN asked Mace recently whether “making [GOP] moderates vote for this would put them at risk.” She responded:
“Oh, 100% it puts them at risk.”

Mace explained:

“Biden district Republicans are the reason Republicans have the slim majority that we have today, and if we want to keep that majority, we have to keep those folks in their seats.

“So, you don’t do that by making Republicans in moderate districts walk the plank on abortion, walk the plank on women’s issues, walk the plank on birth control, walk the plank on an impeachment vote. Those are all reasons why we will lose next year if we continue down that path.”

While Mace was seemingly suggesting that House Republicans take a more moderate approach to politics, she did say that she supports an impeachment inquiry for the president that investigates whether he improperly benefitted from any business activities of his family members.

At the same time, she said she isn’t quite ready to support a full vote for impeachment. Mace explained:

“I think there’s a difference between an impeachment vote and an inquiry. An inquiry would give us another toolbox specifically to look at Joe Biden’s bank records.

“Everybody’s screaming about the evidence, where’s the evidence? The bank records hold all of the evidence, and if the American people – Kaitlin, if you could see the suspicious activity reports that I have seen on the Biden family, you, too, would probably support an impeachment inquiry just as a tool to get more information on … specifically the bank information on Joe Biden and his family members.”

In addition, Mace outlined that her position is to vote against any additional government funding, because she believes both political parties “have spent too much.” That being said, she explained that she’s separating the issues of government spending and an impeachment inquiry into Biden.

Since winning control of the House last year, Republicans have formed multiple committees to investigate various aspects of the president, including whether he did anything improper in relation to his son Hunter’s foreign business dealings.

Biden has denied that he ever had any involvement with Hunter’s business, though congressional testimony given by one of Hunter’s former associates claimed otherwise.