GOP Leaders Stripped Of Power By Top Democrat

( Ever since Democrats stripped Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of her committee assignments over comments she made before she entered the House of Representatives, Democrats have been hellbent on using whatever powers they have to limit what Republicans can do. And the latest example of this comes from Maine, where the Democrat speaker of the state House of Representatives stripped a number of Republican lawmakers of their committee assignments…because they refused to wear masks.

Despite the new guidance from the Centers for Disease Control telling vaccinated Americans that it is safe to go about their business indoors and outdoors without a mask, an incident between multiple Republican state lawmakers was filmed and uploaded.

State Rep. Laurel Libby, a Republican, shared the video of the confrontation between seven Republican legislators and a Capitol police officer last week. The legislators were told that they were required to wear their masks while inside the state House, despite an executive order issued by Governor Janet Mills lifting the mask mandate.

None of this makes sense.

The lawmakers entered the House without masks because the executive order only states exceptions for children over the age of five in daycare or school.

Democrat House Speaker Ryan Fecteau claimed that by continuing to wear masks, even though the science says it is not necessary, they are showing “respect for our shared workplace.” Incredibly, he even claimed that not wearing a mask was “political theater.”

But when the science says you don’t need to wear a mask…isn’t wearing one “political theater”?

In response, Fecteau stripped all Republicans involved in the incident from their committee posts, replacing them with Democrats.

It’s a huge overreach and abuse of power, and something that he will no doubt get away with.

First it was Marjorie Taylor Greene, then it was seven state legislators. Who next?