GOP Leader Facing Charges Of Lying To FBI Announces Reelection Plans

( A Republican congressman who was indicted last year on several felony charges has announced his intention to seek reelection in this year’s midterm elections…and it sounds like an absolutely terrible idea.
Rep. Jeff Fortenberry of Nebraska, a congressman who has already served nine terms, recently published a campaign video in which he promised to run for the Republican nomination in the 1st congressional district of Nebraska. During the video, he described the “difficulties of the past year” before going on to explain the many things he has done since entering Congress in 2005.

But no matter how many positive things he listed, it’s hard to ignore the fact that Rep. Fortenberry is facing three felony charges including lying to federal agents about $30,000 in illegal donations given to his campaign. Fortenberry has pled not guilty to the charges, but a judge recently rejected the congressman’s request to dismiss the charges against him.

He was forced to temporarily give up his House committee assignments as the case proceeds, and his decision to run again for the Republican nomination is likely to cause controversy as a result.

When facing charges like these, how can the Republican Party risk losing the seat to Democratic state Senator Patty Pansing Brooks who is challenging him for the seat?

Just imagine the attack ads that are going to come.

What do you think – should Rep. Fortenberry sit this out and fight the charges? Or is he right to run again?