GOP Lawmakers Unveil “Blueprint” To Save America

( The Republican Study Committee in the House released its FY2023 budget proposal last Thursday that serves as a blueprint for Republicans should they retake the House in November’s midterm election.

The proposal deals with a variety of issues from family to immigration, from foreign policy to deregulation and taxes.

The proposal seeks to promote a conservative social agenda, including stronger family bonds. It would reverse some of the policies that discourage marriage and promote abortion and includes a series of pro-life provisions restricting funding to abortion providers.

The budget proposal would also cut $16.6 trillion of planned expansions of federal spending and outlines a plan to balance the federal budget in seven years.

In addition to cutting wasteful spending and balancing the federal budget, the Republican Study Committee would also focus on market-oriented, pro-growth reforms that will curb government-caused inflation.

The proposal also calls for cutting and reforming the tax code while making dramatic cuts in regulations that hamper economic growth. It would make permanent the tax cuts passed in 2017 and would reduce the disincentives on investment.

The Republican Study Committee also proposes promoting energy independence by accessing conventional energy sources and restoring US pipelines closed down by the Biden administration. It would open the development of energy resources in the Arctic National Wildlife Preserve, federal lands, and the Outer Continental Shelf.

Additionally, Republicans propose cutting back on regulatory red tape that undermines US energy production.

The proposal would eliminate the Renewable Fuel Standard and block Biden’s plan to expand the Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards that drive up the price of automobiles.

The Republican Study Committee’s “Blueprint for America” also seeks to end Biden’s unprecedented crisis at the border, including proposals to curb the flow of illegal immigration, complete the border wall, and codify Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy. The budget would also bar federal funds from cities or jurisdictions operating as sanctuaries for illegal aliens.

While none of the proposals are likely to go anywhere under a Democrat-controlled House, this FY2023 budget proposal is meant to send a message to the Biden administration that if Republicans retake the House, they will work to undermine the White House’s radical left agenda on every front.