GOP Files Emergency Paperwork In Election Audit

( On Wednesday June 3rd the Wisconsin Assembly’s Committee on Campaigns and Elections voted along party lines on a bill banning municipal clerks from correcting defective information on absentee ballot envelopes.

The bill would require clerks to mail the ballots back to the voter requesting the voter make the necessary corrections then resend the absentee ballot to the clerk’s office.

Additionally, the bill would impose penalties on election officials who fail to report instances of election fraud.

Wisconsin Republicans praised the measure meant to reform the election process and prevent a repeat of 2020 when many questioned the integrity of Wisconsin’s mail-in ballots.

Naturally state election officials continue to claim that there is no credible evidence that widespread voter fraud took place in Wisconsin during the 2020 election.

Before Wednesday’s committee vote, Wisconsin Democrats attacked the bill, claiming rather than boost the integrity of absentee ballots, the bill would only make it harder for people to vote.

Even if this is the case, what is wrong with making it more difficult to vote? Shouldn’t a “sacred duty” require effort?

Democrat lawmakers also argued that asking a voter to make corrections and resend the ballot is not letting “their vote count.” But if the absentee ballot is corrected and resent, their vote will be counted.

But Democrat state Representative Mark Spreitzer argued that requiring a voter to make the necessary corrections and re-send the ballot back to the county clerk would only make it more likely that the voter won’t bother casting a vote at all.

Republican Donna Rozar, however, countered that absentee voting is a privilege and those who vote by absentee ballot have “some responsibility” to make sure their ballots are filled out correctly.

The problem of course is Wisconsin’s Democrat Governor Tony Evers.

Even if the state legislature can pass election integrity bills, the likelihood that Evers will sign them into law is slim to nil – a reality the GOP of Wisconsin concedes. Wisconsin Republicans, however, remain committed to shoring up election integrity in the state before the next election cycle.