GOP Demands Biden Tell Truth On Border Surge

Over two dozen state leaders are urging President Biden to furnish transparent and detailed insights concerning the current migration challenges at the southern border. They are specifically interested in understanding migrant relocation patterns and statistics related to asylum requests and deportations. These governors emphasize the financial and operational strains this situation has placed on their states.

The governors’ message, spearheaded by Montana’s Governor Greg Gianforte, to President Biden, states, “Your policies, perceived to encourage unauthorized immigration, have resulted in our states bearing the brunt of not just a surge in illegal border activities but also the calculated operations of cartels in drug and human trafficking.”

The state leaders further highlight the immediate repercussions they face: “States are deeply impacted, with overloaded shelters, depleted food resources, overstressed law enforcement, and weary aid workers.

We, as governors, implore you to share transparent and thorough details on the relocation of migrants who’ve entered through the southern border, paired with a complete breakdown of asylum claim processes, approval percentages, and deportations.”

Recent data suggests an uptick in migrant numbers at the southern border. While there was a decrease in June, July and August saw increases. Recent reports indicate that there could be approximately 230,000 encounters for August.

Additionally, overcrowded conditions plague several Border Patrol zones. Migrants have been found on the streets of Tucson and San Diego. Fox also notes that the increased influx of migrants has prompted authorities to accelerate their processes.

In a recent day, agents identified over 8,000 unauthorized immigrants, a number that rises to over 9,700 when accounting for migrants from official entry points. Presently, over 21,000 migrants are under the supervision of Customs and Border Protection.

The request from GOP governors for detailed immigration statistics contrasts sharply with the demands from Democratic officials at the state and local levels. Many Democrats have urged President Biden to prioritize expediting work permits for migrants in the country.

The Republican leaders are pressing the Biden administration not only promptly to disclose the immigration details but also to continue doing so as the situation at the southern border evolves.

They stated, “Without this crucial data, it’s challenging for us to adequately protect our citizens and ensure our communities receive the necessary services.”