Google Shuts Down Pro-Trump Channel

( It was only a matter of time before it happened, but the Right Side Broadcasting Network has finally been kicked off YouTube for being too supportive of former President Donald Trump and the Republican Party.

The conservative news network, which provides live coverage and commentary of conservative, Republican, and Trump-related events, was booted from YouTube on the day before former President Donald Trump hosted a rally in Sarasota, Florida.

The network was well aware of YouTube’s insane rules on preventing people from talking about election fraud. YouTube bans accounts that claim the last presidential election was affected by fraud, and that the fraud was so big that it impacted the ultimate result. RSBN knew this and has even taken radical steps like muting people during their speeches if they make the claim.

Even though the evidence supports such claims…

But it looks like even following the rules isn’t enough. YouTube wants conservatives off its platform, and RSBN was suspended on Friday and many of its Trump rally videos were permanently deleted from the platform.

RSBN notified its viewers on its website, explaining that comments made by former President Donald Trump were the reason the channel was suspended.

To be clear, the account hasn’t been removed entirely, but RSBN’s ability to livestream video content has been removed – and that was precisely what made RSBN popular.

All coverage of Trump’s Ohio rally in June 26 has been removed from the page, as well as a speech he made on June 5 at the North Carolina Republican convention.

At this point, it’s clear this is all about spite.

You can see the notifications RSBN received from YouTube on their tweets below:

Doesn’t it make you wonder…if CNN were to air a clip of former President Donald Trump talking about election fraud, would they be removed from the platform too? Or is this just about silencing conservatives?