Google Encourages Girls To BIND THEIR CHESTS In “Trans Awareness Week”

( Social media giant Google encouraged young girls to bind their chests this week – a controversial practice considered to be abuse in some non-Western nations, but promoted and celebrated in the West as part of the LGBTQ agenda.

During “Trans Awareness Week” this November, Google marked the occasion by linking to a page that celebrates chest binding on its homepage.

If you’re unaware of what it entails, chest binding requires a girl to tightly bind their breasts with fabric so that the breast tissue cannot properly grow. While it does not stop breasts from growing entirely, it does result in the breasts becoming deformed. It is often used by girls who consider themselves transgender, as a way of feeling more masculine.

The link appeared underneath the search bar on Google, with a pink and blue flag honoring the transgender community. By clicking the “Honouring Transgender Awareness Week” link, users were directed to a page that celebrated various trans issues and practices.

“Google is ‘honouring trans awareness week’ by celebrating female breast binding,” Alison Bailey wrote on Twitter.

“The female breast binding business to be precise,” she added. “All packaged up with beautiful, young black people (of course) and moving music.”

I wonder if they thought that the nice, moving music would make self harm a little more appealing?

Conservative news outlet The Post Millennial published pictures of the page that celebrated the barbaric practice, which included “8 tips to look after your respiratory health for trans and non-binary people who bind their chest.”

One piece of advice offered was for girls to make sure to cough after taking off their binder.

“It helps to loosen your upper body, expand your lungs to their full capacity, and stretches the muscles between your ribs,” it adds.

If chest binding wasn’t bad for you, why would you need to cough to expand lung capacity afterwards?