Glenn Youngkin Puts New Conservative In Charge

( Glenn Youngkin, the new Republican governor of Virginia, announced the top figures in his transition team on Wednesday – and the people he chose indicates a new conservative governing style in Virginia that reflects precisely the vision he offered the people of Virginia.

Kay Coles James, the outgoing president of the Heritage Foundation, to be the co-chairman of the transition team alongside state Senator Steve Newman.

James is probably a wise pick for the new governor, as she has been a resident of Virginia her entire life. She also led the Heritage Foundation from 2018 but announced in March this year that she plans to step down. During her time leading the top conservative think tank, however, she made a name for herself as a defender of some of the most important conservative issues.

James is known for roundly condemning the racism of Critical Race Theory, as a Black woman herself, and also championed school choice.

Youngkin announced James’ appointment and said that he plans to “hit the ground running on Day One” – a promise made by many politicians, but one that appears to be truly genuine this time.

“This incredible and diverse transition team consists of talented individuals from throughout the commonwealth with a mix of seasoned and fresh perspectives that will allow that transformation – while Virginia soars and never settles,” Youngkin said.

James issued a statement saying that it was an “honor” to serve on the transition team and that she hopes she can help the governor-elect “realize his truly outstanding vision for Virginia.”

The transition team will also be assisted by Lindsey Burke, who is the Director of Education Policy at the Heritage Foundation.

It’s clear that Youngkin is preparing to deliver the conservative vision for Virginia that he hoped – and if he proves that it can work, he could become as popular as Ron DeSantis.