Georgia Man Arrested for Beating Girlfriend and Killing Bystander

Donald Storie, a 64-year-old father, was out celebrating his daughter’s engagement when he saw a guy punch a lady. When Storie intervened and screamed that that was not right, the assailant turned his sites on the man and struck him. 

The man succumbed to his injuries 23 days later. 

Authorities in Orange County, Florida, have charged 27-year-old Jordan De’Ante Talley with two counts of domestic assault, one of which involves the alleged attack on his girlfriend and the other involving the murder of Storie.

Downtown Orlando’s Robinson Street and Magnolia Avenue junction was the scene of the crime on March 31 at around 1:40 a.m. The woman was filmed by surveillance cameras when Talley yanked on her hair, threw her to the ground, and then proceeded to physically restrain her from escaping his grasp. A statement that Storie made upon hearing the woman’s cries for assistance was, according to his daughter’s account given to police, her father went over to help the woman being beaten.

Police were able to find the suspect and the woman by tracing their vehicle, which appeared in the security camera video.

The police had a conversation with the lady, who informed them that she and her boyfriend Talley were celebrating her birthday in Orlando on March 31. After four or six months of dating and sharing a home, her child began to call him “Daddy.”

The lady said that she was too drunk to remember much from that night but that a man came up to Talley, said something to him, and the two of them squared off to each other, and Jordan punched him.

Prosecutors in Florida summed it up, saying that Jordan De’Ante Talley, a man from Georgia, was allegedly witnessed pinning his girlfriend to the ground. A family out enjoying their daughter’s engagement party witnessed the assault in progress, and Donald Storie, 64, chose to attempt to step in.

Storie was thrown to the ground and subsequently struck his skull. Nearly a month later, he passed away.

When confronted, Talley confessed to hitting Storie but did not explain his actions.