George Soros Suffers Huge Setback After Backed DA Gets Punished 

( Reports reveal a Los Angeles County judge ordered District Attorney George Gascón to pay $1.5 million in civil liability to a prosecutor who claimed she was fired because she opposed Gascón’s extreme approach to criminal justice reform. 

After criticizing Gascón’s rule on prosecuting juvenile suspects as adults and other measures, the county’s senior prosecutor, Shawn Randolph, was transferred to parole duty. 

Gascón was threatened by a recall campaign and public outcry over his treatment of the case of Hannah (previously James) Tubbs. Tubbs is a violent adult transgender pedophile whom he prosecuted as a juvenile so that Tubbs wouldn’t be required to file a sex offender registration. 

Career prosecutors fought back against numerous of Gascón’s extreme policies, including his refusal to pursue death sentences even in homicide cases,  revocation of cash bail, and his limitation of sentence increases for offenses committed using weapons in gang crimes. 

A court agreed with several prosecutors, handing down what might be the start of many civil fines against Gascón for retaliation against those who spoke out against him. 

A report shows the county has already paid seven figures to end one retaliation lawsuit against Gascón, brought by Richard Doyle, a former chief deputy at the Compton branch court. 

Gascón has dodged two recall attempts, both of which fell short of collecting enough signatures to remove him. The second attempt got close until the county sifted through the petitions and disqualified them due to alleged invalid signatures. 

In the midst of a statewide crime epidemic, local news reports Gascon is one of the hundreds of prosecutors who, with the help of leftist billionaire George Soros, have advocated dramatic changes to the criminal justice system. Even as the people of Los Angeles become more frantic about the surge of violent crime, Gascón boasts about decreasing jail terms by thousands of years. 

Recent reports show Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, another George Soros-funded prosecutor, was subpoenaed by Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey to be removed from office for her “unlawful neglect of duty.” 

According to a local report, Gardner is claiming racism as the motivation.