George Santos Slams Mitt Romney’s Mormon Beliefs

( As lawmakers gathered to attend President Biden’s State of the Union address last Tuesday, news cameras caught a brief exchange between Utah Republican Senator Mitt Romney and New York Congressman George Santos as Romney was entering the House chamber.

Santos had positioned himself along the center aisle with all the other lawmakers who hoped to shake hands with the president as he enters the House chamber like to stand. As members of the Senate began filing into the chamber by the center aisle, Romney spotted Santos and, it was later revealed, told him that he shouldn’t be standing there.

After the president’s address, Romney was asked by reporters what he had said to the scandal-plagued New York freshman congressman.

Romney called Santos “a sick puppy” and said given the ethics investigation against him, he shouldn’t have been along the aisle “parading in front of the president” but instead should have been “sitting in the back row and being quiet.”

Romney told reporters that under the circumstances, Santos should not be in Congress at all, let alone “trying to shake the hand of the President of the United States and dignitaries coming in,” adding, “It’s an embarrassment.”

According to ABC News’s Ben Siegel, during the exchange, Santos appeared to tell a colleague, “What an asshole” as Romney walked by.

Later that night, Santos tweeted to Romney, “just a reminder that you will NEVER be PRESIDENT!”

Last Wednesday, the army of reporters who chase Santos through the halls of Congress every day badgered him over the brief exchange with Senator Romney.

ABC News Capitol Hill reporter Lalee Ibssa tweeted a video clip of the exchange in which Santos blasted Romney, saying it was “reprehensible” for the Utah Republican to say what he did “in the demeaning way he said it.”

Santos added that Romney’s behavior “wasn’t very Mormon.”