George Santos Lands New Gig After Being Booted From Congress

Ex-Representative George Santos, now out of work, is attempting to cash in on his historic expulsion by selling personalized videos for $200 each.

Mr. Santos asserts his status as a “former congressional ‘Icon'” on Cameo’s website, where admirers may buy customized films featuring famous people.

He is described as “the Expelled member of Congress from New York City” in his bio.

The website states that videos typically take around 24 hours to distribute and have an average duration of 46 seconds. Fans may ask for birthday or holiday greetings, pep speeches, guidance, gossip, roasts, or even just a question in one of the several video formats.

It would seem that Mr. Santos is fully committed to his new employment. His X account includes a link to his Cameo page.

A bipartisan effort succeeded in expelling Mr. Santos from Congress, making him the sixth member in history. The number of votes cast to remove him from office was over 200 for Democrats and 105 for Republicans. The House Ethics Committee spent months investigating his use of campaign cash for personal expenses, including Botox, luxury goods, and visits to adult websites. As a result, the campaign filed fraudulent or incomplete reports, leading to the vote.

There are thirteen criminal charges against him for deceiving contributors, collecting unemployment benefits he did not merit, and lying to Congress. Ten further counts accuse him of making illegal transactions to donor credit cards and inflating his campaign finance reports.

Mr. Santos came clean about fabricating some of his history earlier this year.

A biopic on his infamous time in Congress could be in the works. On Saturday, Deadline announced that HBO Films had optioned a book about George Santos. A member of the executive producing team behind the Washington satire series “Veep” is working on the film.

Santos is potentially facing a jail sentence due to the almost two dozen criminal charges against him. He expressed uncertainty about his plans during a news conference last week, just before being ousted from office, but added, “The future is boundless.”