George P. Bush Announces Run For Texas Attorney General

( Another member of the Bush family is running for a prominent political position in Texas.

On Wednesday, George P. Bush announced he would run for attorney general in Texas in 2022. He will face off against incumbent Ken Paxton, the current AG who is facing ongoing accusations of bribery and defrauding investors.

Bush is the son of Jeb Bush, the former governor of Florida and Republican presidential candidate. His uncle and his grandfather also served as president.

Bush has been serving as the land commissioner in Texas since 2015. Now, he’s stepping up to run for a much more prominent position with a lot more power in his state.

At a kickoff rally for his campaign that was held in Austin this week, Bush said:

“Here in Texas, we have a scandal that is plaguing one of our highest offices. And I believe conservatives should have a choice.”

Bush said he has had conversations with the two attorney generals in Texas who served in the position before Paxton, and they’re both prominent politicians themselves. One is the current governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, and the other is U.S. Senator John Cornyn.

While Bush wouldn’t give specific details about those conversations, he did say:

“There’s concern there, and that’s why I’m willing to go out there and offer myself because everybody else has been quiet and afraid to tell the truth about this guy.”

What Bush is referring to are the accusations that eight former staffers of Paxton levied against them. They said he abused his position to give favors to one wealthy donor. The FBI is now investigating those allegations.

Paxton has called those allegations an “unsubstantiated smear campaign.” In addition, he has pleaded not guilty in a securities fraud case that was first brought up in 2015.

Paxton didn’t make much of a statement following Bush’s announcement that he is running. Ian Prior, a spokesman for Paxton, simply said:

“Texans know Attorney General Paxton’s rock-solid conservative record.”

Despite the controversies surrounding Paxton, he has won favor with a lot of conservatives in Texas. He led the charge to file lawsuits with the Supreme Court that sought to overturn the 2020 presidential election so that Donald Trump would win.

This Republican primary race is sure to be one that will attract a lot of attention inside and outside of Texas. Paxton has gained a lot of notoriety for himself around the country, and Bush of course brings a dynastic family political name to the game.

There is likely to be a huge back-and-forth battle leading up to the primary. Many people are also waiting to see how Trump will act. While he’s already endorsed Abbott for a third term as Texas’ governor, he hasn’t tipped his hat publicly about who he will support in the Texas AG race.

Will he throw his support behind the current AG who led the charge to file lawsuits on his behalf? Or will he go with the Bush name, knowing there’s a lot of power behind it?

Only time will tell.